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Verified Affiliates

We have spent a lot of time researching about each affiliate programs so you don't have to. All the programs in the list are verified manually.

Detailed Information

Each row in the list contains valuable info like affiliate url, commission, tags, affiliate duration and contact information which are updated periodically.

Searchable Database

The data is presented in an AirTable view which allow you to easily search, filter and sort records based on column values.


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Who is this product for?
The product is useful for content creator, blogger and affiliate marketers. However anyone willing to earn some extra cash through affiliate marketing can use the list.
What is the source of data?
We collect these data by visiting and manually verifying each product's website. All the data are available publicly.
Why are some data points missing from the list?
We try our best to get every possible information about each program. However some of them don't reveal all the information or are ambiguous, hence the missing data.
Will more data be added in the future?
Yes we will keep on adding more affiliate programs to the list. You can submit your affiliate program or one you know which is missing in the current list using this form.
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